The Freshest Live lobsters shipped and fresh seafood shipped overnight at The Fresh Lobster Company The Freshest Live lobsters shipped and fresh seafood shipped overnight at The Fresh Lobster Company      
The Freshest Live lobsters shipped and fresh seafood shipped overnight at The Fresh Lobster Company The Freshest Live lobsters shipped and fresh seafood shipped overnight at The Fresh Lobster Company
The Freshest Live lobsters shipped and fresh seafood shipped overnight at The Fresh Lobster Company The Freshest Live lobsters shipped and fresh seafood shipped overnight at The Fresh Lobster Company

Your package has been prepared in such a way to ensure its arrival in safe and “live” condition for all lobsters, clams and mussels. These lobsters have been hand selected for quality. You won’t find fresher lobsters anywhere in the world.

Your lobsters have had quite a trip from Gloucester and may seem sluggish at first. Take the lobsters out of their shipping carton and place on a counter top or in your kitchen sink for them to stretch. You’ll soon find you have a group of lively, strong lobsters.

DON’T PUT YOUR LIVE LOBSTERS IN TAP WATER, this will cause your lobsters to suffocate and die.

PLEASE REFRIGERATE YOUR PRODUCE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE UPON RECEIPT (do not freeze live seafood such as live lobsters, clams or mussels) if you are not going to enjoy it the same day.

KEEP YOUR LOBSTERS, CLAMS AND MUSSELS IN THEIR ORIGINAL PACKAGING ALONG WITH THIER COLD PACKS AND WET BLANKET to ensure the health of your produce until dinner that same day. After looking at your items, just put the top back on the carton until they are ready to be cooked the same day. Please keep away from any ovens, grills or anything emitting serious heat.

It is crucial that all live seafood be enjoyed and cooked the day of receipt for maximum freshness! (See cooking instructions below)

If your package contains fresh clams and/or mussels they should be cooked the day they are received to enjoy maximum taste and freshness. If you can’t enjoy them the day of receipt, please refrigerate (DO NOT FREEZE) until the following day. (See below for cooking instructions).

Cooking Instructions (Clams/Mussels):

Thoroughly rinse your clams and mussels with tap water. In a large kettle put 1 gallon of water and 1/3 cup of salt. Place your clams and/or mussels in the salted water and let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse well. Place clams and/or mussels on a rack in a kettle of boiling hot water. Cover slightly and steam about 5 minutes (qty doesn’t tend to matter as long as they can all fit in the pot or steamer) just until the shells open (this will tell you they are done). Discard any clams or mussels that do not open. Loosen clams from shells and serve with butter or garlic butter.


In most case's your hard shell lobsters will stay alive for an additional day by staying in your refrigerator (however we won't take responsibility if they don't due to the stress of their trip).

Please "steam" the lobsters and/or crabs half the normal time (as instructed below) in 3-4 inches of water. After cooking, leave the meat in the lobster and/or crab shell/body casing and wrap in a resealable plastic bag in your refrigerator to enjoy the following day (please see freezing instructions if you can't enjoy them for a few more days after receipt).

Freezing your lobsters for future enjoyment!!!

You may put your "partially cooked" lobsters and/or crabs in the freezer if your going to enjoy them a few days later. Its suggested that you not store your lobsters and/or crabs in the freezer longer than 7-10 days to insure a fresh and tasty lobster or crab. When taking the lobster and/or crab out of the freezer its best to place in the refrigerator 24 hours prior to eating them allowing for them to properly thaw. Once they have been thawed, place them in a boiling pot of water and cook for aproximately 4 mins to warm the meat if cooked completely (otherwise cook half the normal time).

Cooking Instructions for Live Lobsters and Live Crabs (the day of receipt)

  • Place a large cooking pot filled with enough water to cover the bottom of the pot by about 3-4 inches (MORE OF AN ACTUAL STEAMING THAN BOILING) and bring the water to a strong boil. DON'T ADD ANY SALT TO THE WATER - this will accelerate the boiling of the water!
  • Once the water has come to a strong boil, place your live lobsters and/or live crabs head first into the boiling water. Cover the pot immediately once all the live lobsters and/or live crabs are in the pot. Please be careful not to burn yourself if the lobster's tails splash a bit.
  • Start timing the cooking of your lobsters and/or crabs once the water returns to a second boil (see cooking time below). If your lobsters aren't done (LOOK AT THE MEAT UNDER THE LOBSTER TAIL), put them back in for one minute intervals until done. DON'T DUMP YOUR WATER OUT UNTIL YOU'RE SURE THEY ARE DONE!!
Size of Live Lobsters and Live Crabs Cooking Time
1 lb 12 minutes
1.25 lb 12.5 minutes
1.5 lb 13 minutes
2 lb 14 minutes
over 2 lb or more Add 30 sec per pound to cooking time.

How to eat your Fresh Lobster:

Pull your fresh lobsters from the pot using a tong or other utensil and place them on a platter. Your lobsters should look red or dark pink in color.

  • Twist of the arms/claws and remove the rubber bands. Use your crackers to break the claws and use your lobster fork to take out the lobster meat.
  • Break off the tail from the middle of the body. In the body is a greenish substance that some think of a delicacy called the "tomalley". If you don't have any interest you can rinse out the body over the sink. To check to insure the tail meat is done, the meat should be white and firm (not grayish in color). If not done, place the meat back in your boiling water for a minute or so until done.
  • Take off the flippers from the tail
  • Using your lobster forks push out the meat from the tail and flippers
  • Lastly, take off the legs and suck out the meat
Be sure to have plenty of napkins and bibs ready. This can get messy but it is lots of fun and very tasty!!!!!

We're sure you'll enjoy the experience enough to return the favor or order some for yourself some other time.

Thanks for your order and we hope you enjoyed your gift!!!!

For ordering or any questions feel free to call us direct at 508-451-2467. Receive a $10 discount certificate to be used on your next order by ordering online.