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The Freshest Live lobsters shipped and fresh seafood shipped overnight at The Fresh Lobster Company The Freshest Live lobsters shipped and fresh seafood shipped overnight at The Fresh Lobster Company    
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Live Softshell Steamers Clams (Qty 9-10 per pound) Fresh Steamers

Live Softshell Steamers Clams (Qty 9-10 per pound) Fresh SteamersQuantity in Basket: none
Code: sfsh001

Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

** (Live Essex softshell clams in shell / live Ipswich Steamers). Also known as soft shell Steamers. A local favorite from Essex, Ipswich Mass area with necks. Aprox 9-10 count per pound.

Live Fresh Soft Shell Steamers in shell. Price is per pound.


Located in Gloucester Massachusetts we have only the most recently caught local fresh fish fillets available directly from the local fishing docks of Gloucester on a daily basis which we can ship direct to you overnight (pertains to Fresh Haddock fillets shipped, Fresh Sole fillets shipped, fresh Cod fillets shipped & fresh Halibut fillets shipped which are all local catches). The Fresh Lobster Company also offers New England Clam Chowder, Rockport Lobster Bisque, live littleneck clams, live Essex steamers, fresh cocktail shrimp or personally configure a fresh seafood gift basket shipped overnight to family, friends or for your own personal enjoyment.

The Fresh Lobster Company is the premier fresh fish delivery, seafood delivery company in the United States. We can ship a New England Clambake overnight to your home or office for your enjoyment. Live lobster delivery is our specialty, insuring live hardshell lobsters overnight for your enjoyment!

Each gift package is decorated with the following:

  • Your personalized greeting card with your special message
  • Colorful confetti and tissue paper
  • Including a $10. gift certificate towards your next order
  • We have fresh live softshell steamers, cocktail littleneck clams, fresh mussels and other fresh shellfish shipped overnight for your enjoyment. You can't get fresher shellfish unless you harvested it yourself.

    We have also live Wellfleet Oysters, Live Crabs, Live Sea Urchins (Live Uni), Live Mussels, Fresh Sea Scallops and Alaskan King Crab legs shipped overnight direct to you.

    Fresh live lobsters shipped, live hard shell lobsters shipped, jumbo lobsters shipped, large live lobsters shipped are our number one specialty.

    The Fresh Lobster Company only provides fresh fish fillets shipped overnight to you of the highest quality and freshness. All fresh fish fillets are skin off and are guaranteed for freshness. Fresh Haddock Fillets, Fresh Cod Fillets, Fresh Sole Fillets, Fresh Wild King Salmon Fillets, as well as Fresh Swordfish Steaks are just some of our fresh fish specialties.

    Fresh seafood and live lobsters from the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

    Fathers Day gift baskets, Mothers Day gift baskets, Birthday seafood gift baskets, Holiday seafood gift baskets shipped, New Years Eve seafood gift baskets, Christmas gift baskets shipped, Thanksgiving gift baskets shipped filled with fresh fish shipped, fresh seafood overnight, live lobsters delivered overnight for those festive occasions are always a big hit when given as holiday gifts.

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    Try our preconfigured New England Clambake shipped overnight or configure your own New England clam bake shipped overnight with our other offerings such as New England clam chowder, Rockport lobster bisque, live clams shipped overnight, live steamers shipped overnight, fresh jumbo shrimp shipped overnight and fresh fish fillets shipped overnight for your own personally configured seafood gift baskets shipped overnight.

    Give us a try and you’ll be back for more.

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